It will be the site you want it to be

Most people who come to us already have a website built by someone else; they aren’t happy with it and they don’t want to go back to the same people. Our goal is to make sure that never happens to you.

Your site will keep up with your business because it will be easy for you and your staff to update yourselves.

And if you wanted your site to be managed by us we can do that as well.


Weekends Are For Play

Many small businesses can't afford to have an IT department. Think of us as an extension of your team.

Contact us when you need help with your website. We’ll be here to keep it all working

Many web builders pull together groups of freelancers for each new project. We don’t. Our core team works here full-time. So we have an interest in the long-term success of your new website. Our success depends on happy customers.

No monthly payment. Pay in as needed basis.

Easy Installments Program

As a small business the balance of money-in and money-out is very important. That's why we create an installment program that is very affordable.

Every penny counts so when it comes to your website you'll be pleased to know that your professional website will be built within your budget.

Unlimited Design Revisions

It all sounds pretty good. Some might say an outright lie. Not us though.

At JAK Web Design, everything starts with a story and we want to hear yours. We learn about our clients' likes and dislikes. On average, our clients approved the design after a couple or few design revisions.